Self Quote Option
Constellation Unique Inititiative


We are pleased to provide a new option for potential customers to access all inclusive rates for all cruises. Day or night, customer will be able to have acces to cruise information, menus, bar options, all potential costs and calculate a self quote from home. 


Self Quote allows you budget for your Cruise

  • Access 24 hours Day or Night
  • Discounted all inclusive Self Quote Packages
  • NO fees for wharf charges
  • NO additional hidden charges or costs
  • Complete cost transparancy, NO surprises.

Constellation Cruise Commitment

  • Quality Vessel Presentation and Cleanliness
  • On board Fresh Food Service Guarantee
  • Sydney Harbour's Best Bar Facilities
  • Friendly experienced Vessel crew
  • Personlised pre-cruise planning


Self Quote Option

There is nothing worse than investing time navigating a website, finding a product that you like, then being unable to find out how much it costs. We are pleased to provide a quality website that provides complete pricing transparency, for your convenience.


  • Special event cruise will have an advertised ticket price. Look for specials for the best price.
  • Exclusive charters have a self quote table including, boat hire, catering, staff, DJ. decorations.
  • Additional items such as drink options, extension of cruise should be added to the budget.


Self Quote Table

There will be a self quote table available for all exclusive charters. Simply estimate the number of guests and when you would like to cruise. You will then be able to calculate your own quote. Please note different rates for  Saturday nights and the peak Xmas season.


Sample table - boat hire is included within all self quote prices


Cocktail Cruise VIP Menu Self Quote (Average $65pp) 50 to 99 100 to 149 150 to 199 200 to 400
Sunday to Friday $69.00 $65.00 $59.00 $55.00
Saturday Night (Minimum 100) N/A $75.00 $65.00 $59.00
Sunday to Friday (June & July) $59.00 $57.00 $55.00 $53.00
Saturday Night (June & July) $69.00 $65.00 $62.00 $59.00
Sunday to Friday Xmas Period (Nov & Dec) N/A $85.00 $79.00 $69.00
Saturday Night Xmas Period (Nov & Dec) N/A $85.00 $79.00 $69.00
Cocktail Cruise VIP Menu Inclusions Boat Hire Food DJ/Music Decorations